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CEZAR Sp.J. CZR Business 1150  Personal Computer – Specification
Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 dedicated to work in desktops, in x64
Memory: 8GB (2x 4096MB) expandable to 32GB, two slots free
Motherboard:  Allowing to maximum efficiency with Intel Skylake processors.
·         1 x serial Port
·         USB controller to connect 6 ports (including 2 USB 3.0 ports)
·         1 PCI Express x16
·         SATA 3.0 Gb / s, 3 units
Graphics:  Graphic Card integrated with Intel processor allow works with two monitors with support for HDMI v1.4 3D, with hardware support for H.264 and MPEG2, DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.3, Shader 5.0
6EU (Graphics Execution Units) and Dual HD HW Decode
3 x Digital ports:  Display Port, DVI and HDMI
Sound:  sound card integrated into the motherboard, compatible with High Definition Standard
Optical drive:  DVD +/- RW with Double Layer technology, the reading speed of DVD ROM x8, x24 CD ROM
PC Chassis:  Mini tower chassis designed to work vertically, ensuring in this system proper cooling elements, Microphone and Audio miniJack on front panel, and the required EU level electromagnetic shielding.
·         Headphone and microphone on the front
·         2 USB jack on the front of the enclosure
·         Volume of less than 38 liters
·         Cooperation with Kensington lock
·         Chassis Intrusion Connector
PC Power Supply:  230V 50Hz 400W, active PFC filter
The efficiency of the power supply 85% at full load
Operating conditions: office space, 10-35 deg. C
LAN Connection:  10/100/1000 Mbps  (Gigabit Ethernet LAN) RJ45 integrated with motherboard

Wirtualization: Hardware support for virtualization technology implemented including the processor, chipset, motherboard and system BIOS (the ability to enable / disable the hardware virtualization support for individual components of the system)
Ergonomics:  The level of noise, measured according to ISO 7779 and recognized by ISO 9296 mode unloaded should be less than 25 dB.
Certificates and declarations: Declaration of Conformity CE, Microsoft WHQL Certificate (Win 10 Pro x64)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional PL 64-bit (FQC-08918) including Recovery DVD (software and drivers)
Software:  Office Home and Business 2016 PL 64-bit (T5D-02786)
Keyboard and mouse:   Connected to USB 2.0 port in the color and style of your computer system.
Security and management: Built-in motherboard technology management and monitoring computer at the hardware level operating independently of the state or the presence of the operating system and the state of turn on your computer when working on the power supply AC, supports remote communication network based on IPv4 and IPv6, ensuring:
- Monitoring configuration of your computer components - CPU, memory, HDD version of the motherboard BIOS
- Remote BIOS configuration settings
- Remote acquisition system text console, redirecting the process of loading the operating system with a virtual CD-ROM or FDD from the server manager
- Remote acquisition of full graphical console system called. Redirection KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) without an operating system or additional software, even in the absence of or damage to the operating system
- Technology management and monitoring computer at the hardware level is compatible with open standards DMTF WS-MAN 1.0.0 ( and DASH 1.0.0 (http: //www.dmtf .org / standards / mgmt / dash /)
Drivers:  CD / DVD set containing the necessary drivers and optional software and for all installed components of the computer for the operating system offered
Warranty:  48 months on site service
Monitor: ASUS BE239QLB
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